Your First Visit


You should arrive 10 to 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time to allow time for filling out paperwork.

During your first visit you can expect the following:

  • Arrive at your appointment 10-15 minutes early to enable adequate time for check in/registration
  • We will thoroughly explain your PT benefit and all related paperwork
  • We will copy your insurance card/ID
  • You will be seen for the initial evaluation by the therapist.
  • The therapist will discuss the following:
  • Your medical history
  • Your current problems/complaints/goals
  • A proposed treatment plan including visit frequency
  • In most cases, treatment begins on day 1!

Make sure you bring your physical therapy referral (if required), and a method of payment. If your insurance is covering the cost of physical therapy, please bring your insurance card. If you are covered by Workers’ Compensation you must bring your claim number and your case manager’s contact information. If you are covered by auto insurance or an attorney lien, make sure you bring this information.

You should wear loose fitting clothing so you can expose the area that we will be evaluating and treating. For example, if you have a knee problem, it is best to wear shorts. For a shoulder problem, a tank top is a good choice, and for low back problems, wear a loose fitting shirt and pants, so we can perform a thorough examination.

Treatment sessions typically last 30 to 60 minutes per visit.

That depends on the therapists evaluation and your particular condition. After completing an evaluation, your therapist will discuss a proposed treatment plan and recommended number of visits in order to ensure that you achieve your goals as quickly and safely as possible.

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