The Burdenko Method

The Burdenko Method:
Many of our aquatic programs utilize a basis of training known as The Burdenko Method. This method was developed by Dr. Igor N. Burdenko. Dr. Burdenko, with a PhD in Sports Medicine, based the Burdenko Method on his educational backround and personal experience with water’s natural capacity for healing and physical conditioning. The Burdenko method allows “optimal freedom of movement and revitalization of the body” that can be used for the young, old, athletic, non-athletic, and injured populations. Every program is individually developed with a focus on the patient’s current condition and goals set to be achieved. For more information please do not hesitate to contact Agapé Physical Therapy today!
– Igor N. Burdenko and Paula G. Ray, “Burdenko Exercise Guide Part I: Freedom of Movement in Water and on Land,” 2001, pg. 1

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