Aquatic Therapy

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Aquatic Therapy is used to rehabilitate patients after different types of injuries by avoiding compressive forces that would normally be placed on the joints and spine when exercising on land.

Aquatic Therapy provides therapeutic techniques using the low impact healing properties of water. Based on your comfort level, shallow water exercises or deep water exercises encourages low resistance and fluid movements to assist in rehabilitation. Accommodating our patients is our priority which is why we have convenient on-site and off-site locations for aquatic therapy. Our pools provide partial and non-weight bearing activities along with exercise equipment to monitor treatment programs on the road to recovery.

Several of our aquatic programs are based on the Burdenko Method developed by Dr. Igor N. Burdenko. Click here to learn more.

Our experienced staff offers constant guidance and skills to optimize your treatment based on individual needs and current condition. Aquatic therapy is offered at our Brockport facility. Our Brockport pool is equipped with an underwater treadmill for low impact cardiovascular workouts and early post-surgical ambulation training. Call us today to learn more about the innovative benefits of aquatic therapy.

When is Aquatic Therapy Most Beneficial?

  • When limited or non-weight bearing is desirable.
  • When there is limited range of motion.
  • After surgery.
  • For neuromuscular injuries.
  • For osteoarthritis & rheumatoid arthritis.
  • For chronic conditions.
  • For acute orthopedic injuries.
  • For neurological impairments.
  • During pre- and post-natal periods.

Where Do I Go For Aquatic Therapy?
Agapé specializes in various forms of therapy to restore the a person’s ability through exercise, massage and hydrotherapy instead of relying on medications Physical Therapy offers aquatic therapy on site at our Brockport, Gates and Webster facilities. These pools provide shallow and deep water exercise areas for partial and non-weight bearing activities, and exercise equipment to progress and grade treatment programs.

Our pools are equipped with an underwater treadmill for low-impact cardiovascular workout and early post-surgical ambulation training. Our experienced staff offers constant guidance and manual skills to optimize the treatment.

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