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  • Andrea Guck
  • “I received physical therapy in the Gates office from November 2015 through February 2016 following surgery in September 2015 to repair a serious break of my right fibula and severely damaged tendon in my right ankle. I was referred to Agape by my surgeon and Greg VanGorden was my assigned physical therapist. When I started my therapy, I was wheelchair bound and scared to death of falling again during my recovery. I’m in my forties and I had never broken
    a bone in my life. I was in a lot of pain every day at that point and was terrible at using crutches, likely due in part to my fear of falling again.

    I’m a very independent person and prior to my first appointment, I had been forbidden to put any weight at all on my leg for seven weeks. It took a lot of work just to get from my bed into the next room and I remained on one floor of my house, aside from going to doctors appointments.

    From the first that I met with Greg about eight weeks post surgery, he did a great job at putting me at ease, which was truly no small feat. He explained that he was relatively new to Agape at that time, but seemed to conduct his preliminary evaluation thoroughly and efficiently.

    During each of my subsequent sessions he helped to motivate me and keep me on track, helping me to relax enough to really focus and work on each goal. The routine Greg developed and modified for me during the subsequent 3 months saw me soon walking again, rebuilding strength and confidence in my ability.

    When I “graduated” from my therapy sessions, he designed a plan for me to follow at home that has really helped me to be about 98 percent restored at this point. The bone has healed well and I’m happy to be able to do all of my normal activities. As my surgeon predicted, my tendon (which had been badly torn) will take about eighteen months to completely heal so I have a little time left to work on that, but it’s all progressing according to plan.

    I’m very grateful to Greg for all of his hard work, professionalism, patience and compassion during my recovery. He always had a smile on his face and was clearly invested in my progress as well as in the progress of each of his other patients he worked with during my sessions. It takes a special kind of person to be able to help people through necessary pain to regain strength and mobility and I want your management team to know what an asset Greg VanGorden is to your company from a patient’s perspective. I would certainly recommend Agape and Greg to friends and family in need of physical therapy.”

  • Wendy Strong
  • “In September of 2015, I was washing dishes and started feeling dizzy. My back was also aching. so I laid on the floor to stretch. As I pulled my knees to my chest, I felt the room tilt. I tried to get up but the entire room spun quickly. My husband came to help me to the couch as the room was spinning out of control and I was experiencing unbearable nausea.

    After an hour of feeling a spinning, dizziness and nausea; my heart started racing from anxiety. Every time I tried to sit up, the symptoms became worse, so my husband took me to emergency. In the emergency room, I was told that I had vertigo. I was sent home with medication to help with the dizziness and nausea.

    A week later i was feeling better but still having waves of dizziness, making every day activities difficult. I went to the doctor and was told to wait another couple of weeks to see how I was doing. In October I went for a follow up appointment and was encouraged to see an Ear, Nose, Throat doctor. The ENT doctor checked my ears and performed a hearing test, Finding everything normal. He seemed perplexed and was not sure what had caused the vertigo. It was suggested that I get a balance test at Rochester General Hospital. My balance test was scheduled for 2 weeks later in November.

    Feeling discouraged, I decided to cancel the balance test and try a different route. A friend of mine suggested that I see a chiropractor. I went for a few weeks in December, but did not find any improvement and felt at a loss of what do to. Finally, I searched the Internet and read that in many cases, Physical Therapy helped improve symptoms of vertigo. In January, I went back to my doctor and told her that I wanted to see a physical therapist. I was given a referral to Agape Physical Therapy and started my first session with Rachel Koch on January 25, 2016.

    After my first session with Rachel, I knew that she understood what i was going through. She was confident in how to help me and suggested that I attend physical therapy twice a week for four weeks. The sessions were intense and exhausting at times, but each week I could feel my symptoms improving. Rachel showed me various head shaking exercises to perform at home, which I was faithful in doing every day that I did not attend PT. I ended up going to PT for more than four weeks (January 25th to April 5th) but am thankful to testify that my vertigo has improved greatly. I still need to do my vertigo exercises and will continue to do so until I am free of my symptoms.”

  • Marge Green
  • “Sending a thank you to Agape for providing Senior Fitness Classes at the Gates Town Hall – and an even bigger thank you to Jason Wambold who instructs our class this year. He is so knowledgeable and engaging with the group. He challenges us, motivates us, and teaches us about the various moves and how they work our muscles and joints. I have been attending this class for about 8 years now. It has been so beneficial to my well-being, mobility & flexibility – and this is the best yet! Thank you!”
  • David Binsack
  • “Selecting a physical therapy office can be a gamble unless you have a trustworthy referral from a family member or close friend. When I had my knee replaced and home physical therapy had ended I did not have the luxury of a solid referral, just three pages of physical therapists that the orthopedic office gave me. I was fortunate however to have someone research several locations in the County.

    After visiting five locations she chose the Agape at Gates location, primarily due to the office manager, Nicole Metallo. Nicole gave her a very thorough tour of the facility, explained the treatment plan fully and answered all questions. I was a little apprehensive on my first visit. Still in pain from the operation I was not looking forward to any exercise that was going to increase my pain. The physical therapist, Steve Fose, Mike Hughes, and Carrie Scharett were extremely vigilant about my pain, always asking what my pain level was and modifying my sessions to fit my needs.

    I do not like doing any of the exercises, even though they are strengthening my knee, muscles and range of motion. It is work. I say I do not like to do any of the exercises, but I truthfully enjoy going to physical therapy. I enjoy going because it is a very positive experience. The upbeat approach is the result of the enthusiastic attitudes of Steve, Mike and Carrie. The therapists at Agape, Gates have the ability to take patients that are in pain and help them recover and rehabilitate, treating you on a one on one basis with constant encouragement. I am extremely happy that we choose Agape, Gates. I would unequivocally recommend these very professional and dedicated therapists to my family and friends.”

  • Anonymous
  • “Over a year and a half ago I suffered a back injury at work. I’ve had tests and seem specialists. I was referred to Agape by my specialist and I have to say sitting down during my first eval, I really felt that the therapist I met truly understood me. Truly felt my pain. Went above and beyond ( in my opinion) to get the correct plan started for me. I went to my first appointment and met another great therapist who really impressed me. I left with hope. For once I’m hopeful that I can feel relief. Looking forward to future visits. Feeling comfortable is so important. Great staff, great place!”
  • Julia Weston
  • “I have chronic low back pain and arthritis, stemming from an MVA in 2001.
I have been delighted with the staff at Agape in Webster. The aquatic therapy program was the main reason I chose this practice, rather than go to one of the two PT clinics I have been to in the past.
The therapists and office staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and extremely flexible. This is the first time I have seen significant benefits from PT. Now that I have been discharged, I plan to come back for the fitness program.
Thank you to Carrie, Sabrina, Sarah, and Jessica for all your hard work and dedication!”
  • Nancy Knapp
  • “I put off physical therapy, frankly I did not believe it would help me. I have arthritis in my left shoulder. I finally gave in to trying it but really thought I would end up having surgery. The entire staff at the Webster location was very nice and put my fears to rest. Going through the therapy did hurt, but they were very encouraging, so I continued. They gave me great home therapy stretches to do and I did them. Within six weeks I was able to sleep without pain waking me. I love the staff at the Webster location, all of them. I laughed my way through the pain. Thanks you Webster Agape. I hope I never have to see you again………….Ha! No really you are first on my list if I need your services again and I will recommend you to friends and family.”
  • Anonymous
  • “I have been attending physical therapy at the Webster branch after having a total hip replacement. Everyone has been friendly and very knowledgeable. I have been amazed at how quickly I graduated from having to use a cane to walking with no assistance. Besides making you work really hard, we have had a lot of fun as well. I will have the other hip done and will definitely be back. Thanks so much.”
  • Jim Marquardt
  • “I went to the Webster location prior to and following a knee surgery in June of 2012. Everyone there was friendly, knowledgeable, and made me feel at home and comfortable right away. I appreciate all their dedication to not only healing patients, but also becoming friends. It did not matter who I had for therapy, I knew the care and attention would be the same. I can honestly say I do not think I would be anywhere near where I am today without their help and compassion. Thank you all very much!”
  • Marty Thomas
  • “This was my first experience with any sort of physical therapy, I utilized the Gates office as it is near my place of work. The whole customer service experience was exceptional, right from scheduling appointments to the interaction with the therapists. Many thanks to both Kelli and Gwen, they developed a well focused program for me to follow and were very professional.”
  • Carol Whitbeck
  • “Accolade Many thanks to the staff at the Gates Agape location, especially to Kelli, Gwen, Alicia, and the now-returned-to-school intern Angela. You really listened to me and provided therapy sessions and home exercises that were the appropriate level of difficulty. If I arrived having suffered a setback, that was taken into account. I also appreciated the atmosphere of friendly, upbeat positive energy and encouragement! Again, many thanks!”
  • Kate Meddaugh
  • “I have been a patient of Kelly’s twice now. The first time was Apage in Chili, and the most recent was at Elmgrove. I was treated with respect, and encouraged. The staff at the Elmgrove Agape center were wonderful, and they listened. I went in with a badly pulled hamstring after training for a triathlon. Today I “graduated” PT and am able to run again which has been my goal. The treatments and hands on work were very good, and I feel back to normal. Thanks to everyone at Agape. Your help has literally gotten me back on my feet.”
  • Bernard Yen
  • “I want thank all the staff at Agapé. They made my healing less stressful. I want to especially thank Kelli Hursh at Gates Agapé Physical Therapy. She has a lot of patience with her client. Kelli show she really care for her patience. On many of my visit I see her taking her time with me and other patience. It shows it’s not just another job to her. I don’t see her cut or rush thru a therapy section just to get thru a therapy session. It is rare to see that in the health care field now a days! Thanks Kelli.”
  • Tony Langdon
  • “I am writing to express my appreciation for the staff at the Brockport AGAPE branch. I had previously been a patient at the clinic for a post surgery rehab on my ankle. During my ankle rehabilitation, AJ and the rest of the staff treated me very well- making me feel at ease and providing me with excellent care. At the conclusion of my physical therapy sessions, I was very happy with the progress that was made and the treatment I received.
    This past year, I had to have emergency surgery to repair a ruptured disc in my neck. When I was ready to begin my recovery, the first place I looked was to AGAPE. I was very pleased to find out that AJ was still at the clinic- and neck certified to boot! While AJ may have been the main reason I chose your location- I really think that Kayleigh and Ben did a FANTASTIC job with me during my visits this time around. They were extra patient, answering all my questions and pushing me to better my fitness at the same time. It was also reassuring to have Violet behind the desk to take all my calls and move some of my appointments around! I want to say thank you to the whole Brockport team for all the hard work you put in getting me better, and wish you Happy Holidays!”
  • Luise Bush
  • “My experience at Agapé-Brockport was wonderful!!! I had a full left knee replacement on April 9th-2012… I went to the Jewish home for 10 days after my surgery for rehab… and then HCR visited my home for a month. Well then I was discharged from homecare. I felt I still needed more therapy so Agapé was my choice. A co-worker had the same operation a couple weeks before me and was going to Agapé and raved about it. Well I agreed!!! Yesterday I was OK’d by my doctor to go back to work with no restrictions. The water therapy I received at Agapé helped me accomplish this. Kayleigh, Ben, AJ & Alicia have been super!!! I have had water therapy for the last month or more and my knee feels much much better. I have now been discharged from my water therapy and have joined the fitness program for a month. Can’t wait to start!!! Thank you to everybody that works at Brockport-Agapé and have been so kind–a special thanks to Kayleigh and Ben who I have worked with a lot for your encouragement and special care. I really have experienced a wonderful Agapé experience in Brockport, NY!!!”
  • Mary Anne Sears
  • “After a second knee replacement on the same knee, it was time to get back into PT. My first choice was Chili, as it was close to where I work, but even more, the quality of care and therapies offered. I have been very diligent with my therapy and really have made a lot of progress. It has taken a bit longer than I was hoping, but the results speak for themselves. Emily set up a great program for me and continues to monitor my progress and add more exercises as need be. She has been very professional in all that she does with me, as well as the other folks that happen to be there at the same time. She has always taken the time to answer questions and I have never felt rushed by her.
    I have tried to pretty much be independent in all that I do, but whenever I needed help, she was there. In addition to Emily, I also want to to compliment the entire staff at Chili Agapé PT. I initially thought that I wanted to have the same therapist the whole ti me, but I have come to learn, that altho some of the techniques differ from one another, the results are successful. They are a great team and I have been very fortunate to have spent many hours there! I hope the end is in sight for hands on PT! I am planning on signing on for another month of training on my own. Thank you all for your support!”
  • L. Jones
  • “First let me say that I am so very pleased with the care that I have received during my physical therapy sessions at the Chili Agapé location. Emily has been very patient, caring and professional in every session that I have been working with her. I fractured my ankle over a month ago, and after every visit it appears to be getting stronger and stronger. Thank you so very much Agapé & Emily for getting me back on track.”
  • Bud Houk
  • “I’ve been going for PT at the Chili facility after my total knee replacement. I’ve made steady progress in strength and flexibility the past 5 weeks. Sean and Emily have provided the expertise and encouragement to get me back on the road. I would highly recommend the Chili office, great equipment and Professional staff.”
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